Dissolution / Permeation System - 3700
				Dissolution PERMETRO system 3700 is composed of DISSO III-7 release rate tester, PERMETRO system, collector and other modules. Although the dissolution of the generic drug is consistent with the reference drug, the absorption in vivo may be different. This system studies the dissolution curve and permeability comparison between the generic drugs and the original drugs to evaluate the consistency of product quality, providing data support for BE test and improving the success rate of BE. It is also used to investigate drug absorption rate in different pH environments for new drugs.

Brochure(click below to download):

Permetro series.pdf



  • To study the permeability comparison between generic drugs and original drugs to provide data support before BE experiments.
  • Unique dual pump design, the dissolution sampling pump and permeability sampling pump are integrated.
  • Automatic collection of penetration test samples at all time points.
  • The bionic permeation membrane accurately simulates the intestinal absorption function.
  • Predicts drug absorption in different pH media.
  • Dry heating is convenient for cleaning.
  • Supporting HPLC online analysis.