Automated Dissolution Sampling System - 8 Position
System 850DLA
				SYSTEM 850DLA is an automated 8-position dissolution sampling system, it contains a UDT-818A/814-8 dissolution tester, a SCR-DL sample collector, a SYP-8L-10mL syringe pump and a DSC-800 system controller. 

Brochure(click below to download):

Dissolution tester UDT series.pdf



  • Drug research and development and dissolution evaluation of generic drugs.



  • Built-in dissolution accessory compartment for organization
  • Supports dual filtration for easier operation
  • Precise syringe pumps ensure accurate sampling and avoid human error
  • Backlight kit for easy dissolution test observation
  • Capable of sample filtration, media replacement and dilution
  • SYSTEM 850DLA ensures high reliability and validity of the experiments
  • Tight vessel seal cover design which limits media evaporation
  • Data audit tracking function available that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements


Extended functions:

  • Expandable to 2 or 3 speed zones, which provides different stirring rates, and shortens R&D duration
  • Compatible with mini vessel apparatus, rotation cylinder apparatus, paddle over disk apparatus and flow-thru cell apparatus
  • Compatible with basket/paddle method camera system, which can record dissolution images
  • Temperature sensor in each dissolution vessel to examine and record temperatures individually
  • Optional Basket Saver to prevent mishandling
  • Dual vessel cover, totally eliminates media evaporation
  • SYSTEM 850DLA can perform online dissolution analysis and is compatible with UV, HPLC, fiber optics and dilution systems.
  • Compatible with PERMETRO system to distinguish between the permeation of generic drugs and original drugs, which can exist as a pre-BE study
  • Remote monitor system which allows test status display on mobile devices