Logan Launches New Instruments to Kickoff 2019
Author: Eason Wang

Logan Launches New Instruments to Kickoff 2019

Logan Instruments anticipates continued growth in 2019 with even more innovation to its already diversified product line.hese improvements can be seen across their dissolution and skin diffusion instruments.Focusing on the latter, Logan’s traditional water-jacketed Franz Diffusion Cell system (FDC-6T) is being phased out for the sleeker and more lab-friendly (FDC-6TA---below center).The new design on this particular unit will have a smaller footprint in the lab with encased tubing behind the console and the cells themselves. With this new design, the large water circulator is no longer necessary. On the dry-heated side of Logan’s diffusion cell systems, Logan has taken an additional step regarding temperature validation. The new (DHC-6TDS) system will display the temperature at the skin membrane itself and not just the donor cap as its predecessor (DHC-6TD). These innovations are proof that Logan Instruments will stop at nothing to ensure its customers have access to the best options for transdermal and topical drug formulation delivery.


Logan Instruments’ all-in-one sampling system (Dragon 12, left), Franz Diffusion Cell system (FDC-6TA, center), and coating and drying system (C&D 360, right).

Logan Instruments would also like to highlight two other new systems. With a robotic sampling arm, the all-in-one system (Dragon 12—above left) solves issues that scientists have been pleading for help with for quite some time when it comes to sample extraction. This compact piece of instrumentation will save labs valuable bench space because of its configuration. It also virtually eliminates human error because of the precise design of the sampling measuring tool. This will give accurate sample sizes from each cell. Finally, this system is safe to use with certain types of media that are irritating or even toxic when coming into contact with the human body. Logan Instruments also added a coating and drying system (C&D 360—above right) for the small scale production of transdermal patches in the lab. It accomplishes both of these processes in approximately 30–60 minutes. It includes an air filter for odor removal and is the most economical system of its kind on the market.

Logan Instruments will be returning to PittCon (March 17–21) in Philadelphia. Please visit their booth to see their latest innovations, to inquiry about obtaining any of their lab instruments for your lab, or even to partner with Logan as an international distributor. And, of course, you can always contact them at info@loganinstruments.com or 732-302-9888.

Logan also has a completely redesigned website.  Visit us at: www.loganinstruments.com