Semiautomated Next Generation Impactor System - NGI
NGI System

NGI – Next Generation Impactor

Semi-Automated Next-Generation Impactor System

(Semi-automatic horizontal inhalation formulation multi-stage loading system)

Product Description:

Particle distribution and micronaire dose are important parameters for evaluating inhalation formulations. The Semi-Automated Horizontal Inhalation Preparation Impactor System is a high-performance multi-stage impactor for testing the aerosol particles of metered dose inhalers (MDI and dry powder inhalers (DPI) and other inhalation drug delivery devices such as nebulizers and nasal sprays for microfine particle aerodynamic properties.

The complete system consists of a multi-stage impactor and AFC-1200, airflow regulation controller and vacuum pump, . It is mainly used for testing the microfine particle aerodynamic particle size distribution characteristics of inhalation aerosols, inhalation sprays, inhalation powder aerosols and inhalation liquid formulations.


Product Features:

  • Meets the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and the United States Pharmacopoeia
  • Stable airflow supply system
  • Excellent gas sealing system
  • High-precision 7-stage filtration system and microporous collection system
  • Large capacity sample flushing system to ensure accurate recovery rate (optional)
  • Variety of gas flow rate settings
  • Simple and user-friendly design for easy operation