Vacuum Pump (VAC-2000) & ISC 300
VAC - 2000 & ISC 300

Logan VAC-2000 is the most advanced vacuum pump technology available, offering great performance and minimum maintenance, and it is intended for optimum operation at the flow rates necessary for MDI testing. The range of the vacuum pump is intended for inhaler testing in accordance with pharmaceutical regulations.

Product features

Maximum Flow Rate                                              28.3 L/Min

Maximum Vacuum Level                                        26 inHg

Maximum Speed                                                   1,725 Rpm

Output Power                                                        0.75 Hp

Applications                                                          MDIs, Nebulisers, ADIs, Nasal Sprays, Nasal Aerosols, Nasal Powders

Frequency                                                             50 Hz/60 Hz

Fluid Compatibility                                                Air